Rhipsalis (Lepismium) monacantha

Cliff dwelling cactus, great for cascading pots / baskets. Many medium sized brilliantly bright waxy orange flowers followed by decorative fruit.
Rhipsalis (Lepismium) monacantha
synonyms Lepismium monacantha
Hariota monacantha
Acanthorhipsalis monacantha
Pfeiffera monacantha
height 12–18in
width 1–3ft
tolerates Heat, Pots
This cactus is from tropical areas with frequent rainfall and as such prefers to go mostly dry, but not dry out completely. Given that it likes a quick draining medium watering can be quite frequent, especially in warmer months.
exposure Part Sun – Part Shade
drainage In Pots: Cactus Mix, Orchid Bark
fertilizing All Purpose 1/2 Strength, Low Needs
origin Argentina

Outdoor Exposure Guide


Full Sun
Six or more hours of sun beams directly landing on the plant's leaves.

Part Shade
Three to five hours of sun beams directly landing on the plant's leaves.

Part Sun
One to two hours of sun beams directly landing on the plants leaves.

Full Shade
The plant is never fully lit by sun beams, but is in a bright spot or has dappled sunbeams playing over the leaves throughout the day.

Deep Shade
The plant never has dappled light on the leaves, and is in a place that feels dim, even on a nice sunny day.

Growing Notes

Leaves start out triangular in cross section, but later become flat.
We recommend all purpose fertilizer for this plant, but given the climate of this cactus, it would likely take well to fertilizing with an acidic fertilizer at half strength. If you find your cactus is yellowing acidifying the growing conditions may help green it up.
This plant should be grown mounted or in pots, but not planted in the ground.