Podocarpus elongatus ‘Monmal’

blue ice yellowwood
Powder blue leaves on a pyramidal shaped tree. Excellent screening plant is easily pruned to shape or even hedged.
height 15–25
width 10–15
tolerates Drought, Fog, Pots, Rooftops, Wind
Low – Moderate
This plant is from the Breede River Valley, a winter rainfall area of the Western Cape in South Africa. As such it is well adapted to our winter rains in California.

Water this plant regularly, when the top inch or so of soil feels dry. If you establish this pattern over several years, then you can cut back to watering every four to six weeks in dry weather. Your plant will however look more lush and vibrant if watered every week or two. Use drippers, emitters, or a slow stream of water so that it doesn’t run off; allow the water to trickle all the way down through the deepest layers of soil. In a pot slowly water the entire surface until water comes out of the bottom of your pot.
exposure Part Sun – Full Sun
drainage In Ground: Planting Mix, In Pots: Potting Soil
fertilizing All Purpose
origin South Africa
13, 15–24

Sunset Zones Map

Outdoor Exposure Guide


Full Sun
Six or more hours of sun beams directly landing on the plant's leaves.

Part Shade
Three to five hours of sun beams directly landing on the plant's leaves.

Part Sun
One to two hours of sun beams directly landing on the plants leaves.

Full Shade
The plant is never fully lit by sun beams, but is in a bright spot or has dappled sunbeams playing over the leaves throughout the day.

Deep Shade
The plant never has dappled light on the leaves, and is in a place that feels dim, even on a nice sunny day.


Growing Notes

Since this tree is slow growing it doesn’t require as much work maintaining its form once mature. You won’t have to hedge it as often as other fast growing plants like pittosporum. Around ten to twelve inches of growth a year can be expected under ideal conditions. This slow growth makes this plant a great candidate for medium to large pots.
Since it sheds few leaves the blue ice yellowood is a great choice for near pools, or areas like rooftops where drains might clog.
This plant will grow in full bright shade, but the power blue coloring is intensified with sun, making sunny spots the best location for it. It also will open up in shade, making it less practical as a screening plant.