Plumeria ‘Luna’

Frangipani. Fragrant pinwheel flowers are white with yellow centers on thick stemmed deciduous shrub. Sunny window or indoor-outdoor plant. Protect and keep dry in winter.
Plumeria 'Luna'
height 4–18ft
width 4–10ft
tolerates Heat, Pots
When soil is mostly dry.
This plumeria is from an area in Mexico with summer rainfall and is actively growing during that time, when it is forgiving of overwatering errors and in fact appreciates ample water. During winter dormancy it should be kept extra dry and will be intolerant of overwatering especially if combined with cold weather.

Remember that if kept in a small pot your plant will want more frequent watering.
exposure Partial Direct – Direct Sun
drainage In Ground: Cactus Mix, In Pots: Cactus Mix, Tolerates Sandy Soil
fertilizing Bloom
origin Tropical Americas
13, 21–24

Sunset Zones Map

Indoor Exposure Guide


Direct Sun
Beams of light hitting the plant near a window four or more hours a day. The most intense light. If you're in a direct sun spot, you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Partial Direct
Occurs when you have a plant that is in less intense direct sunlight. This happens when a plant is in a few hours of direct morning sun, or an hour or less of direct afternoon sun. It also happens when a plant is in direct sun, but more than six feet from a window, where the light is diffused.

Bright Indirect
This is just beyond the direct beam of light (or through cracked blinds or a sheer curtain filtering direct sun). Bright indirect areas are characterized by a place where you can sit and read a novel comfortably without artificial light.

Moderate Indirect
Beyond the bright indirect light. In these areas you wouldn't turn on a light walking through the room, but if you were hanging out there you would probably have the lights on, even during the day.

Low Light
Dim spots, usually the backs of rooms or hallways where you would always turn lights on, even if just walking in to grab something.


Growing Notes

Plumeria can be pruned back hard (best done in spring before the leaf out) and will regrow from wherever they are pruned too. These cuttings are easily rooted moving into the summer growing season.
Thin stems on a small shrub grow into an impressive gnarled tree with great age.
While we typically think of plumeria being not frost hardy, they do thrive in cold sunset zones such as SSZ 13 because of their dry winters and gritty mineral soil.

Special Interest

Incredibly fragrant when in bloom, especially indoors. That iconic smell of the tropics.

Frangipani is such a curios common name, with roots as far back as the sixteenth century! During that time an Italian named Marquis Frangipani created an intoxicating perfume that coincidentally smelled of plumeria. Around this same time plumeria were discovered in the Americas and made their explosion around the globe. The flowers reminded many of Marquis perfume and the common name Frangipani was born.