Parodia aureispina

Round cactus with dense white and yellow spines is grown for it’s brilliant canary yellow flowers. Good in pots.
height 2–5
width 2–4
tolerates Heat, Pots
Most cactus are from the deserts of the world and as such like to go totally bone dry between waterings, making them very low-maintenance. If you see your cactus begin to shrivel or lose firmness, your cactus is likely totally dry and should be watered. To get good healthy growth your plant doesn’t want to sit around totally dried out during it’s growing season. Once it is dry, water it.

This cactus comes from an area with summer rainfall and is actively growing during that time, when it is forgiving of overwatering errors. During winter dormancy it should be kept extra dry and won’t tolerate overwatering.

Remember that if kept in a small pot your plant will want more frequent watering.
exposure Full Sun
fertilizing All Purpose 1/2 Strength
origin Bolivia

Outdoor Exposure Guide


Full Sun
Six or more hours of sun beams directly landing on the plant's leaves.

Part Shade
Three to five hours of sun beams directly landing on the plant's leaves.

Part Sun
One to two hours of sun beams directly landing on the plants leaves.

Full Shade
The plant is never fully lit by sun beams, but is in a bright spot or has dappled sunbeams playing over the leaves throughout the day.

Deep Shade
The plant never has dappled light on the leaves, and is in a place that feels dim, even on a nice sunny day.

Growing Notes

To avoid the spines when repotting you can cut a slit down each side of the plastic nursery can, open it and only touch the roots when repotting.
Globose cactus (those with spherical stems) are low and wide, looking best in squat pots or even bowls.
Globose cactus require no pruning.
These cactus are difficult to propagate, unless they send off pups, which can be removed, dried for two weeks and then planted in a fast-draining cactus mix.

More Info

Parodia aureispina is often considered only a variant of the widely variable Parodia microsperma.