Haworthia truncata f. maughanii

One of the most coveted Haworthia. With grate age creates a jaw-dropping domed corral-head of flat tipped window-leaves. Great in pots.
height 4–8in
width 6–18in
tolerates Drought, Pots, Wind
This rare haworthia resents overwatering during summer, as it is from a winter rainfall area of South Africa and summer watering often rots the succulent roots. Good drainage is a must and adding a mix of 1/3 pumice to 2/3 cactus mix will make growing this plant more forgiving.
exposure Part Sun – Full Sun
drainage In Ground: Cactus Mix, In Pots: Cactus Mix, Tolerates Sandy Soil
origin NW South Africa

Outdoor Exposure Guide


Full Sun
Six or more hours of sun beams directly landing on the plant's leaves.

Part Shade
Three to five hours of sun beams directly landing on the plant's leaves.

Part Sun
One to two hours of sun beams directly landing on the plants leaves.

Full Shade
The plant is never fully lit by sun beams, but is in a bright spot or has dappled sunbeams playing over the leaves throughout the day.

Deep Shade
The plant never has dappled light on the leaves, and is in a place that feels dim, even on a nice sunny day.

Growing Notes

It is not recommended to plant this plant in the ground.
Leaves redden in sun.

Special Interest

A form of Haworthia truncata, which typically has a more fan like growth appearance. The forms cross pollinate in habitat, creating natural variations within the species.

The ‘windows’ of this plant are a fascinating adaptation. In habitat the plant grows with the leaf mostly underground, and only its windows exposed right at soil level, especially during summer when the roots actually contract and pull the plant lower down into the soil. This allows sunlight to penetrate the leaf which photosynthesizes from the inside! In this way the plant gets a large surface area to photosynthesize with, but only a very small surface area exposed to the elements. Many succulent windows will illuminate if you shine a light in them.