Euphorbia umbellata (Synadenium grantii) ‘Rubra’

Upright tropical succulent shrub with wine red leaves. Likes heat and is fast growing in a warm spot, where it can take water. Let dry if in cooler climate.
height 5–11ft
width 3–5ft
tolerates Drought, Heat, Pots
Low – Moderate
This is a tropical succulent, as such it does well with ample water (combined with good drainage) when temperatures are warm. When night temperatures cool below 50F it should be treated more like a succulent, letting it go totally dry between waterings.
exposure Part Sun – Full Sun
In or Out
drainage In Ground: Cactus Mix, In Pots: Cactus Mix, Tolerates Sandy Soil
fertilizing All Purpose
origin Garden Origin
13, 16, 17, 19–24, H2

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Growing Notes

The leaf color varies on this cultivar, with some being mostly green with red spots, others being mostly red with green spots, or (occasionally) all red leaves. These leaves will defoliate if rubra completely dries out.
With time this shrubby succulent will become treelike. With branches coming out and then bending down under their weight before arching back up at their tips. Prune off (but avoid poisonous sap) lower branches to create a more tree like plant.
When growing this plant indoors dial back on the watering, watering when the plant is mostly dry. Given a very warm and bright room (such as those South or West facing sunrooms) this plant will tolerate and thrive with even more water, just wanting the surface of the soil to dry out.
Can be pruned back very hard, removing all branches down to a single trunk and will respond astonishingly fast, given heat and fertilizer. One of our staff members grows this plant in his greenhouse and does this each spring; by fall the plant has completely regrown.