Ceropegia woodii ‘Variegata’

Succulent trailing vine great in hanging baskets, perched containers indoors or in mildest zones. Keep dry in winter.
Ceropegia woodii 'Variegata'Ceropegia woodii 'Variegata'
height 1–4in
width 1–3ft
tolerates Drought, Heat, Pots
Low – Moderate
Ceropegia are from the deserts of the world and as such like to go totally dry between waterings, making them very low-maintenance. If you see your succulent leaves begin to shrivel, your plant is likely totally dry and should be watered. To get good healthy growth your plant doesn’t want to sit around totally dried out during it’s growing season. Once it is almost dry water it.

This ceropegia comes from an area with summer rainfall and is actively growing during that time, when it is forgiving of overwatering errors. During winter dormancy it should be kept extra dry and will be intolerant of overwatering.

Remember that if kept in a small pot your plant will want more frequent watering.
exposure Part Sun
In or Out
drainage In Ground: Cactus Mix, In Pots: Cactus Mix
origin NE Africa
13, 17, 23, 24

Sunset Zones Map


Growing Notes

If greatly underwaterd or overwatered you’ll see that the stems die at the base. No need to toss the plant though! You’ll find the trailing stems are easily rooted in a fast draining mix, infact they may already have roots where they touch the ground.
This plant will also grow small round tubers on the stems, which are esily rooted by cutting the plant on the root side of the tuber and planting it in a fast draining mix, while attached to the stem still.

Special Interest

Ceropegia make unusual ‘bird cage’ flowers. While they are small on this species they are still worth looking out for.